Lipstick Jungle may not be technically cancelled by NBC yet, but that hasn’t stopped some of its stars like Kim Raver from getting new gigs.

"I’m really excited," Kim tells OK! of her new ABC drama pilot where she plays a knockout news reporter. "It’s [produced by] Shonda Rhimes from Grey’s Anatomy. It’s about reporters in Washington and it’s called Inside the Box, everything that kind of goes on creating a news channel. It’s really great."

co-star Lindsay Price also has a new show in the works.

"Lindsay’s new show ("Eastwick") is ABC, and mine’s ABC so at least we’ll have that connection," Kim told OK! at Modern Bride’s "Project Bridesmaids" to benefit Planet Hope. "I’ll miss Brooke [Shields] and Lindsay but we’re so close now. We talk almost every day."

So is there any hope that Lipstick Jungle still might come back?

"We’re doing other projects but we still have one foot in and one foot out," Kim says. "Brooke and I, our kids play together and we’ll always have that."


By Laura Lane

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