Kirsten Prout of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse — not to be confused with Kristen Stewart — gave her first interview since being cast as role newborn vampire Lucy to Canada’s Entertainment Tonight Canada and answered the very important question: Team Edward or team Jacob?

Kirsten wasn’t too shy to make a definite team declaration and said, “Okay, I am team Edward, I am sorry Jacob fan,s but it’s Edward, they are meant to be together.”

Watch out Kristen, Kirsten may be your new competition!

Kirsten, who played wholesome girl-next-door Amanda Bloom on Kyle XY, is  having fun playing a bad girl.

“The character is extremely predatory and what’s amazing about playing a vampire is you are a predator and you lure in your pray and then you turn on them,” she says of her new gig.

Kirsten says her switch to playing a vampire is “a good change because for a long time it was that little dimpled girl next door, and everyone’s going to be like she’s biting someone!”

One reason the girl next door may have been cast as a vampire was her naturally pale skin.

“I was the same color they air brush their vampires… I am that pale!”

The pale star really seemed to enjoy her vampire biting scenes and recalled, “I remember we did the scene and we were turning Jackson Rathbone into a vampire so it was kind of fun.”

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