Yesterday we reported that Kobe Bryant’s former maid is suing him and his wife, Vanessa.

Maria Jimenez claims that Vanessa was abusive to her, and once even demanded that she put her had in a bag of dog poop to find a price tag.

But now the Bryants have responded, saying it’s the claims — not the contents of the bag — that are a load of crap.

TMZ reports that the Bryants’ lawyers, Loeb & Loeb LLP, released this statement today: "We have learned that a former employee of the Bryants, Maria Jimenez, has filed a complaint against our clients.

"Ms. Jimenez’s outrageous allegations of improper conduct are totally unfounded and patently false.

"The Bryants intend to vigorously defend against these untruthful allegations and are confident that the baseless nature of the allegations will be proven."

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