Adam Lambert is handling his break-up from Drake LaBry just fine because Kris Allen says so, thank you very much. “He’s doing good,” Kris told E! News. “He’s obviously not completely happy about it, but I think it was just something that needed to happen.”

Kris knows Allen is doing well because even though Kris beat Adam in American Idol, they remain close friends.

“We see each other every once in awhile and we text all the time,” Kris explained.

They are so close that even their albums are due out around the same time. Kris’ self-titled album will be released Nov. 17 and Adam’s For Your Entertainment album drops six days later.

Kris has been receiving advice from other American Idols on how to handle his success.

David Cook has done his thing for a year and he’s been very successful at it,” Kris said. “Chris Daughtry is obviously very, very successful with what he’s done. They’ve both stayed really grounded and really cool. I’ve talked to them a little bit.”

But there is one big piece of advice everyone has shared.

“Sleep,” Kris laughed. “That’s what they tell me — sleep when you can!”

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