Even Kris Allen himself was shocked he made it to the finals of American Idol, as he spills to Ellen DeGeneres in an episode of her show airing May 26.


"I think I was shocked every week," he says of his climb to the top.


"I think that was the point where I was just like, ya know, I think I can stay in here for a while," he reveals.


But he wouldn’t have gotten that far without his wife by his side, who kept pushing him after he wanted to quit.


"I did the music scene in Arkansas, which isn’t that big, and it didn’t work out and I almost gave up," he confesses. "My wife has been the support ever. I seriously almost gave up a lot and she was just like you have to keep going. She believed in me more than I believed in myself."


So what’s her reward for all her support, besides the fact that her husband is the new Americn Idol?

"Vacation, how about that…?" offers Kris.


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