How awkward would it be to appear on a reality TV show with your ex after you’ve told the world that sleeping with them was “very vanilla”? Not too awkward for Kristin Cavallari, who recently bestowed the boring label on ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner in a trailer for The Hills. KC explains exactly what she means, now that they’ve both moved on.
“We just… didn’t really do anything out of the box,” she told E! News with a laugh last night at the Unite Unveiled party she hosted at Skybar in L.A.

Boring though Brody may be in bed (say that 10 times fast), Kristin is still selective — reportedly turning down an offer from crooning lothario John Mayer.

Kristin told Ryan Seacrest yesterday that John asked her out, but she said no thanks, adding that she “didn’t need to be a notch on his belt.”

However, her penchant for saying what she thinks will be to her advantage on The Hills, Kristin explains.

“I’m very honest and don’t really have a censor, which makes for good reality TV,” she said.

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