How’s Kristin Cavallari‘s relationship with Audrina Patridge now that she is dating Justin Bobby Brescia? Well, she wouldn’t really say they have a relationship. KC recently told OK! that she and Audrina aren’t fighting, but they aren’t exactly friends either.

“Um, we don’t have much of a relationship,” Kristin explained to OK!. “But, I just saw her and we said hello.”

Not exactly applause worthy, but at least they’re being civil!

“We’re not fighting and at least we can be in the same room,” Kristin said looking on the bright side. “But I don’t talk to her.”

She may not talk to Audrina, but that also doesn’t mean she doesn’t like her!

“I have no problem with her,” Kristin said.

Sounds like everyone involved in the love triangle is moving on!

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