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Hi everyone! Welcome to week 14 of my Dancing with the Stars blog!
Well, have to admit I’m walking on air after our freestyle routine was such a hit. I was so happy Donny and I got a perfect 30 for our Broadway-inspired “Back in Business” number. We really put so much thought and hard work into that freestyle. Believe me, it didn’t come easy!

And, as Donny says, you never really know what’s going to happen when it comes to the night itself and if you’re able to pull it off the way you’ve hoped and dreamed. We were so worried in dress rehearsal if the audience would get it. We took a bit of a risk by doing this Broadway number, because, although Donny has certainly performed on Broadway a few times, in a long run in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, among other things, it’s not what he’s best known for. Donny and I thought that it would be so much fun, though, because we both love Broadway style show tunes and big band songs and “Back in Business” fit the bill.

When it came to the performance itself, incredibly, we couldn’t have done it better. The audience seemed to love it. And Len Goodman said it was showstopping, which was really rewarding. Donny has had sibling rivalry with his sister, Marie, for years, but she touched our hearts with her pride in the performance. Donny said after the show that Marie could have subjected him to her usual funny ribbing, but instead she was just happy for him.

With the cha cha cha, I was actually more nervous because it was our first dance of the night. I had the jitters. When we got the 27 for that dance, I felt confident about the whole night. We also enjoyed the Megamix group competition and Donny was thrilled at the 28 score and the judges’ comment that he looked as good as the male pro dancers.

This week of rehearsals was really positive coming off of last week, when I had my dress debacle during the tango. It was very emotional for us. And it was just so exciting to make the final three after that hiccup last week. We decided to make the most of it. This last week is bittersweet to me, because I’ve gotten so close to Donny and his family during our whole DWTS run. And it’s almost over now.

I was really optimistic going into the final dances after our long rehearsals. I know it sounds clichéd, but everyone is a winner at this point. On Sunday, we saw all the 16 couples come back for rehearsal and it really hit me and Donny just how far we’ve come! The show started out with its largest group of celebrities ever, and it’s amazing we made it to the final three! I’m also glad because I got Donny as far as his sister Marie got in season 5. I felt a bit of pressure there. As readers of okmagazine.com know from Donny himself, he was determined to finish no lower than his sister. He didn’t want to have her hold that over his head the rest of his life! She wouldn’t let him live it down. At least we’ll tie with Marie, because she finished third. And, maybe even higher?

It would be so amazing to get that trophy. I’m not going to lie! Well, thanks again for voting for us all season long and keep your fingers crossed for tonight!

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