For someone who takes so many risks, its surprising that Lady Gaga has a list of fears. At the release party for her new album Fame Monster yesterday, she tells E! News the record is all about her phobias. “Fear of alcohol, fear of sex monster, fear of love monster, fear of myself monster,” Lady Gaga explained to E!.

The singer does not want her fans to go hungry. She ordered $1,000 worth of pizza for the crowds lined up outside the Best Buy where she was promoting her album.

“Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me,” Lady Gaga tweeted. “I hope you’re hungry … eat up I love u!”

She also revealed the song “Telephone” she recorded with Beyoncé was composed it for Britney Spears.

“I wrote it for her a long time ago, and she just didn’t use it on her album,” Gaga explained. “And it’s fine because I love the song, and it’s exciting I get to perform it now.”

Lady Gaga remains loyal to her fans and her music. Even though she was shut out of all the categories for which she was nominated at Sunday night’s American Music Awards, that didn’t stop the edgy singer from bringing down the house with a show-stopping performance of her current single “Bad Romance” from her upcoming album The Fame Monster, during which Gaga’s piano burst into flame.

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