Susan Boyle has already gone through one makeover after rocketing to fame on Britain’s Got Talent — but are there now latex costumes and platform boots in her future? Lady Gaga is professing her admiration for SuBo in a new interview with The Sun, admitting, “I love Susan Boyle. She is my woman of the year. She has achieved more in this year than most artists will in a lifetime.”

The British paper quoted the American superstar as she gushed, “This time last year nobody even knew who she was and now she is knocking the world’s most established artists off the album and singles charts.”

Although Gaga seems to adore Susan, she confesses that she and the middle-aged Scottish singer aren’t really all that similar when it comes to music, among other things.

“Our styles are different. I don’t know if we could work together, but never say never,” Gaga adds. “It would be great to work with somebody of that talent.”

One thing they do have in common is high-profile New Year’s Eve appearances — Gaga is set to rock Miami at the Fontainebleau, while SuBo will be singing on Japan’s biggest TV music show, Kohaku Uta Gassen.

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