Her son is not here yet, but Laila Ali already knows exactly what type of mother she’s going to be.

"I think I’ll be one of those overprotective mothers that can be a little too strict sometimes," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "My husband is going to have to watch me to make sure I don’t go overboard!"

The boxer and her husband, NFL player Curtis Conway, expect their boy, to be named Curtis Muhammad, in September, and she’s not the only one excited. Dad Muhammad Ali can’t wait for his grandson to arrive either.

"He’s very excited to be having a boy in particular," Laila says.

So far, the 30-year-old has had a relatively easy pregnancy. No morning sickness or weird cravings of any sort. And the baby weight?

"I have gained 25 pounds, but I’m gonna go back to that gym and work it all off so I’m not really worried about it," she says.

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