Almost literally…

Still in LA and between being here, Sundance and the Superbowl, I have been living out of a suitcase more or less for the last three weeks. It’s been fun, but I’m ready to go home, to NYC home – not the adorable little house/apartment I just rented in West Hollywood, where I won’t move for another 18 days.


I love it here and the last few days have certainly been an adventure. The day before yesterday I ran into Kevin Connolly at  Equinox, the gym I’m debating switching to after seven years at Crunch Gym. You know how there are certain people you always seem to run in to?  He seems to be one of mine. He must have got pretty pumped up at the gym that day because I hear he got into a fist fight at Villa that night…Actually I think Perez Hilton mentioned something about Kevin kicking a guy in the head?!? How does that happen? Was the guy sitting on the floor?

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