Lance Bass rocked my now 21-year-old sister Stephanie’s world when he came out of the closet in July 2006. She had all the *NSYNC merchandise – even the bobblehead doll. We’d seen the group perform in Ohio, New Jersey and even Pennsylvania over the years. There is a picture of us holding up a sign she made a sign for him in 2000. “Lance Lover,” it said.

I didn’t see what she saw in him, but that’s because he was her dream boy. (In my book, no one could ever top The Mickey Mouse Club/The Party’s Damon Pampolina.) Maybe she took it too personally, but in all honesty she felt betrayed when he revealed he was not into women.

When I caught up with Lance, 28, at a book party for his memoir Out Of Sync held at NYC’s Azza, I had to ask if he’d experienced any negative reactions from female fans.

“Zero,” the soft-spoken charmer tells me. “I’ve only gained more female fans. I swear, that female market just opened up even more for me.”

Since he came out, he says, “I can live as an honest man. It’s nice not to have to live a double life.”

I admit … he does have very pretty blue eyes, and I greatly enjoyed reading his insightful book during my daily commute.

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