With the election foremost on everyone’s minds today, Lance Bass is speaking out about Proposition 8, the measure that would ban same sex marriage in California.


The Dancing with the Stars competitor, who is openly gay, told OK! he has already voted “no” on the proposition.


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“It’s a very scary situation because it’s the first proposition in our history that puts discrimination into the constitution,” says Lance, who tells OK! he’d like to get married and have kids one day.


“It’s a very sad time and if it gets voted ‘yes’ on, I’m going to have to rethink where I live," Lance added with a laugh, that he was kidding and won’t leave California, but said the proposition against gay marriage shows that “we’re just not there yet and people need to be educated more. I think there’s a lot of lies going on [in the commercials]. They’re using children, which I think is so not fair. Hopefully ‘no’ on 8 will happen!”


By Carol Glines

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