Larry King enjoys being a dad at the ripe old age of 73. He loves to take his young sons, Chance, 8, and Cannon, 7, to Dodger games, which is something his older sons, aged 47 and 40, didn’t enjoy enough.

“I’m a better father this time,” he tells intern Brandi Tape at The Quaker Smart Heart Café breakfast. “I have more time to spend with them, and I guess I care more.”

His wife of 10 years, Shawn, 47, admits it’s easier to tune into children’s wants and needs later in life. “Both of us had children at younger ages, and we were working on our career. Even though you would love to spend more time with your kid, it’s mixed with the fact that you’ve got to make a living and you’re just caught betwixt and between. You’ve got to make a choice. That’s life.”

Why do he and Shawn make a perfect couple?

“She’s a load,” Larry says. “You don’t know what to expect of her. She’s unpredictable, and she’s a terrific mother. We have two boys who just adore her. They are very good kids, little people, fun people, sense of humor, well behaved. And they’re fun to watch. They go to the Dodger game and all the players know them. It’s fun to watch the players say hello to them.”

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