One last bit to share from experience in Austin…As I ate over-priced takeout sushi from a local sushi spot in LA last night, I was reminded that good everyday takeout/delivery sushi can’t be taken for granted – even though they’re a dime a dozen in NYC.

Then my mouth watered with the memory of the best sushi I’ve ever had, a few days ago – in Austin! Who knew that one of the best sushi restaurants, or restaurants period, in the world, resides in Austin, TX? Uchi. If you live in Austin, ever visit or pass through, make sure to stop at Uchi, a Japanese/ sushi restaurant that also serves a wagyu steak that dances on your palette as it melts in your mouth. Uchi is enough to make a foodie out of the most inexperienced palette. My friend Joyce Sevilla called it, “A party in your mouth.” We told our waitress that the chef Tyson Cole should be on Iron Chef and she said, “He already was.” He had left by the time we ate, but we met Dhef du Cuisine Paul Qui who was amazing. Flattery gets you everywhere -he sent us a complimentary foie gras. Not typically a foie gras fan, I tasted it on principle, and I liked it. I’m told Lance Armstrong, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are among a host of celebs that love Uchi in Austin too. I want to petition for Uchi to open in LA.?? Our other dinner companion, Rembrandt Flores, even said he’d be a primary investor. You hear that Uchi?

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