Miley Cyrus is a household name thanks to the Disney series she made famous, Hannah Montana. But with the show in its third season, could the teenage songbird be ready to stretch her wings?

In an interview with E!, the 15-year old superstar says she feels the time may be right for her to finally say goodbye to the hit show.

"We’re thinking this is our last season," Cyrus said of Hannah Montana‘s third season.


Miley says she’s been working on the show longer than most people realize. When the show first began she was 11. This November Miley will turn 16.

"I just think we did a lot of episodes," she explains. "We basically did two seasons in one last year. Usually people would do one season that would be like, 16 episodes, and we did almost 30 episodes!"

In response to rumors that she’s trying to distance herself from her Disney family, Cyrus says, "I’m still with my family. You know, they’re safe. They always feel like home, and that’s what I love about the company. They are family."

Miley’s rep says, "We do not know if this is the last season."

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