Who says there’s only Team Robert Pattinson and Team Taylor Lautner? OK! is a big fan of another Twilight hunk, Peter Facinelli. We chatted with Jennie Garth‘s husband and he opened up about a few of the last things he’s done recently.


Last Time I Said "I Love You":

To my wife this afternoon.


Last Romantic Thing I Did for Jennie:

We went out to lunch together on a nice little romantic date.


Last Time I Lied:

I don’t remember. There, I just lied right now.


Last Text I Texted:

Let me see. Hold on. [checks] Rob Pattinson. I said, "I’ll see you in a little bit." He’s in NYC.


Last Time I Was Starstruck:

When I met former New York Governor George Pataki. I don’t really get starstruck by actors, but Pataki was a governor! I grew up in New York. That was kind of a big deal.


Last Meal Before I Die:

Jesus! I hope you don’t know something I don’t. So many foods… I don’t know why but a hamburger keeps popping to mind.


Last Time I Cried:

Wow. The last time I cried was when – what’s that singer’s name who didn’t win America, err, Britain’s Got Talent? When Susan Boyle didn’t win. Because she should’ve won, dammit!


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