Finessing a rare balance between programming executive and darling talk show host, Bravo's Andy Cohen just got the green light for expansion of Watch What Happens: Live to five nights a week!

Starting January 8 at 11 p.m., Bravo will air the six season of the half hour show from Sunday through Thursday nights. Four nights will be live and one night will be taped.
Last night he tweeted, "Thanks for all the twitter love. Couldn't be more excited about 5x a week wwhl. Gotta go to bed, on @morningjoe at 7:45 am. See ya @joenbc"
The show premiered in July 2009 and has continued to grow by featuring Real Housewives to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jerry Seinfeld.
In a statement Andy said, "In my wildest dreams when I started at Bravo seven years ago, I never imagined that I would end up fulfilling my lifelong dream." He added, "It's the perfect storm — I get to do the three things I'm most passionate about — producing, developing and hosting for a brand that I love."
As he continues to take the seat on set which is modeled after his den, Andy will shift his role in the front office from executive vp programming to overseeing development and talent.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, he will focus on creating new content as the network continues to build its original programming. He'll also continue with his role as executive producer of Top Chef and The Real Housewives.
Congrats, Andy!

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