Perhaps it’s because she’s now a bestselling author, but Hills star Lauren Conrad isn’t watching much TV these days and that includes her former co-star Audrina Patridge’s upcoming reality show.

Lauren told E! Online last night, “I don’t like to watch people I know on TV… it’s weird. Even friends of mine that are actors, I don’t like to watch their shows. There’s just something weird about it.”

Could she be referencing her boyfriend actor Kyle Howard’s show? Maybe he refuses to read her book too.

Lauren now lives in a condo with Lo Bosworth and says she chooses not to watch The Hills either. Lauren said, “I haven’t been following it and we don’t really talk about it in the apartment, so I don’t really think about it.”

Lo doesn’t mind the lack of support for her show because she says she plans to leave it soon as well. “I guess we’re waiting to see if there’s going to be another season or not, but I’m leaning towards being done,” Lo said. She plans on starting a hosting career and Lauren plans to write more books and has a clothing line coming out at Kohl’s.

Realty TV watching of former co-stars is definitely not included in their future plans.

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