Although she used to be its star, Lauren Conrad is keeping The Hills off her TV these days. When asked by a reporter at the 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards in L.A. last night if she’s been watching the current season, LC admitted, “I haven’t.”

And although she narrated the show before, LC says she’s far from the drama queen Kristin Cavallari is shaping up to be.

“I always tended to kind of, you know, stay away from that,” she says of controversy. “I tried to just be in the background.”

Instead of keeping her eyes glued to the tube, LC’s been busy with her new clothing line, which just debuted at Kohl’s stores.

“It’s really exciting!,” she gushed. “I think that there’s always a lot of pressure and buildup to the launch, and when it does well it’s just such a relief.”

“I’ve moved on from just the stress of having to film and promote a show, to book deadlines and promoting clothing lines, so it’s just different, but it’s nice,” she adds.

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