Despite continuing speculation that MTV’s drama-packed reality show, The Hills, is staged, star Lauren Conrad insists that it isn’t.

"No, I’ve never gotten a script," Conrad tell Extra‘s new host Mario Lopez.  "But people always think it’s scripted.  Unfortunately, I have to take credit for all the words that come out of my mouth."

Lauren answered questions from viewers about dating on TV, to which she replied, "Don’t do it! I think just have fun with it.  Even Lauren’s good friend, Brody Jenner, wanted to know how the fledgling fashion designer makes her "girl-mances" work when cameras are following her around.

"I think that loyalty and honesty are really important to me and someone you can have fun with no matter what you are doing."

This, of course, does not include Hills nemesis, Heidi Montag who’s now infamous falling out with Lauren at the end of season 2 spiked ratings and, along with Montag’s boyfriend Spencer Pratt, spawned the dynamic duo known as "Speidi."

Lauren is still close with Heidi’s sister, Holly, but doesn’t think that will ever bring her closer to her former best friend.

"No, I don’t think so," she says.  "She [Holly] was a really good friend of mine when she lived here."

Beyond The Hills, Lauren is gearing up to design the dresses for the Emmy trophy presenters at this year’s Emmy Awards. As far as her own red carpet attire, she says, "My dress is long and flowy.  I want more of a Grecian look, so I will do it [my hair] back and kind of messed and put some braids in the hair."

For the full interview, tune in to Extra tonight!

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