When it rains, it pours for The Hills’ star Lauren Conrad.  The wanabe clothing designer has been taking some serious heat–first for a public argument during an OK! photoshoot, and most recently from neighbors who say the police had to be called to stop a spat outside Conrad’s L.A. home.

On Tuesday, trendy West Hollywood boutique Kitson announced it is dropping LC’s clothing line because of dwindling interest.

"Sales were lackluster.  Initially it was great," Kitson store owner Fraser Ross said today.  Ross says he tried to get the MTV starlet to do a personal appearance in the store, but her people could never find the time. 

"They need to realize it’s no different than selling your album, your TV shows, your movies," Ross said.  "You have to keep promoting it."

Ross also confirmed that the store will no longer carry Victoria Beckham‘s dVb menswear line because of dwindling demand.

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