LeAnn Rimes, 25, and her hubby of five years Dean Sheremet, 26, love to go hiking.

“We have seven dogs,” she tells me. “We like to tie our dogs around our waist, literally, and go hiking up in the woods in Tennessee. It’s so beautiful.”

Even though the singer is busy promoting her seventh album, Family, the pair finds time to focus on each other.

“We try to build in a date night every now and then,” Dean tells me. “We like to go to movies, go to dinner, hang out and be a normal couple.”

LeAnn says the secret to a happy marriage is laughter. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and [have] a lot of give and take. It’s been wonderful. I have nothing to complain about whatsoever. He’s what stabilized my life, as crazy as it is. He’s been the one stabilizing force that made it calm.”

LeAnn and Dean are perfect for each other because they balance each other out.

“I think we’re the yin and yang, but we’re very, very similar. He’s a little bit more over-the-top and gregarious, and a bit little more on the kid side, and I’m very adult and serious because I’ve had to be my whole life being in this business. He brings the kid out in me, and I make him a little more organized and serious. It’s the yin and yang, and I think it really works. We have a great time together. I enjoy him, and he enjoys me. We’re one of those couples that can spend every waking minute together and not hate each other. I think we’ve got it made.”

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