Learjet, the company who supplied DJ AM and Travis Barker‘s private plane when it crashed on Sept. 19, says it’s not to blame for the tragedy that killed four people.

E! News is reporting that the company claims that flight operators were really responsible for the crash.

"Learjet alleges that any and all conditions [of the aircraft] if there were, were solely a result of the failure to properly maintain and service the aircraft," the company said in court papers filed in L.A. superior court last Friday.


In its filing, Learjet claims that the damages "allegedly sustained" by the plaintiffs "were either excessive, exaggerated, unreasonable, speculative, inflated or otherwise unnecessary and/or unrelated to the alleged incident."


According to the company, the downed aircraft "did not contain a dangerous or defective condition, which in any manner may have contributed to [Barker and Still’s] alleged injuries."


In its defense, Learjet says that any malfunction was due to a possible modification, unsanctioned use of the plane or simple failure to adequately inspect the aircraft, saying that the "damages, if any, may have been caused by misuse."


The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the crash and has yet to release any findings regarding the cause.

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