When the ultra-glamorous Leighton Meester agreed to work with an up-and-coming rock band, there could have been something of a culture clash.

But Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Gossip Girl star was no Hollywood diva in the studio…or, at least, that she wasn’t much of a Hollywood diva in the studio.

The singer and bass player did admit that Leighton was several hours late for the session. Oh, and she did have someone “set the mood” in the recording booth before she did the vocal track for the single “Good Girls Go Bad”.

But other than that, she was just one of the guys!

“Leighton had candles lit in the studio booth,” Gabe told OK!. “I guess that was a celebrity thing: someone went and lit candles with her before she was singing to set the mood.”

“I thought that was very cute,” he said. “I had never seen that before.”

“She came in dressed like a movie star — all prim and proper,” said Gabe, “but she wasn’t that Hollywood, you know?”

“She was, like, three hours late,” he conceded, “but when she finally got there it was great,” said Gabe. “I mean, she is an awesome singer.”

Well, like they say, better Leighton than never.

And speaking of A-List acquaintances, OK! has always wondered how Rihanna took to Cobra Starship “borrowing” the name of her album, Good Girl Gone Bad, for the single.

“I actually saw her when opened for Katy Perry at her show in NYC, and she’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool man — don’t worry about it. I like your new song!”

Cobra Starship’s newest album Hot Mess is available in stores and iTunes now.

By Tanzy Alfred

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