15 years after they appeared together in the film The Quick and the Dead, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio have once again joined forces in the new spy thriller, Body of Lies. 

In an interview with Extra, Crowe says not much has changed between the two actors, despite the long time apart on screen.

"It’s pretty much exactly the same except he [DiCaprio] can drink legally now and he’s no longer a virgin," the Academy-Award winner joked of his younger co-star.


The two are apart enough in years to have formed a sort of fragile sibling relationship.  Russell recalls a practical joke he played on Leo involving a spray bottle.

"I’d wait until he was sitting in the makeup chair and I’d walk past him and go ‘Achew!’ and I’d squirt the atomizer so just little bits of fine mist would form on his face and he’d obviously assume it was mucus," Crowe remembers. 

Having learned the truth, DiCaprio says, "I’m really happy.  It’s been bothering me for decades."

Meanwhile, Russell has another project coming up that requires him to don, shall we say, a scruffier look for the film Robin Hood.

Of having to wear long hair, the actor says, "It’s like walking around with a dead Koala on your back."

Hmmm, now there’s a visual!

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