There’s no doubt about it — Leona Lewis is definitely “bleeding” into the United States. The British songstress just snagged the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit single “Bleeding Love,” becoming the first British female singer to score a No. 1 single in two decades.


"I still can’t believe it. I’m trying to get my head around it,” Leona tells Extra about her triumph. “It’s such an amazing achievement."

While she’s new stateside, Leona has been a phenomenon in jolly ol’ England for a year after winning Simon Cowell’s American Idol-esque talent show The X-Factor and notching a No. 1 album with her debut Spirit.

"The show has given me an amazing platform and Simon has given me an amazing platform,” she says. “You never know if that would’ve been accessible if I had not done the show and have met him. I think of him as someone who’s guiding me in my career and really opening doors that would never have been opened before."

Simon was also key in introducing Leona to the American public, landing her spots on a flurry of talk shows, including a joint appearance on Oprah.

"Ellen [DeGeneres] was really sweet and really funny as well,” Leona says. “Oprah was amazing because I think she’s such a lovely lady. So giving and charitable. I went on the Tyra [Banks] Show. She’s just so awesome. I love Tyra Banks. I am a huge fan of hers. I was really, really starstruck when I met her. We had fun. We had a girly chat. She’s really lovely."

And with all the success comes rewards — like a new house, right? Recent reports claim Simon purchased a swanky $5 million pad for his 23-year-old protégé, but Leona says she’s certainly not living large at the Brit’s expense.

"Everyone keeps asking, ‘How’s the house? How many bedrooms? The swimming pool!’ There’s no house!" she exclaims.

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