Leonardo DiCaprio‘s basketball court has brought him to another type of court.

The Oscar-nominated star and his cousin Robert Hrtica, from whom he rents a house, have sued contractors for causing a titanic-size mess during the basketball court project that has reportedly left his neighbors’ house on the fringe of collapse.

Filed on Jan. 30, the cross-complaint suit is the latest in a legal hassle that dates back to last May. Back then, Leo’s neighbors Joan and Robert Linclau sued the actor for allegedly damaging their property with his court construction. The couple claimed that their property was illegally excavated, plants were removed and their pool and deck were destabilized.

Countering back, the 33-year-old had stated that the Linclaus’ problems could’ve stemmed from their own renovation when they "illegally" installed a railroad retaining wall.

If the contractors, who were hired by Leo and Robert, are to blame, the Linclaus’ lawsuit will be void.

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