It’s up, up and away from the TV screen for the Heene family — after the whole Balloon Boy brouhaha business, Lifetime has decided not to rerun the episode of Wife Swap which features the family, E! News reports.
The episode originally aired on ABC, and was one of two to feature the Heenes. It was set to rerun on Oct. 29 at 2 p.m., scheduled long before the family became part of a media circus after the Colorado family claimed their son Falcon had taken off in a helium weather balloon.  He was found playing in the attic hours later.

A Lifetime rep says the network doesn’t have “any plans to air it in the near future.”

Local sheriff’s investigators in Fort Collins, Colo., are trying to prove that parents Richard and Mayumi Heene set off the balloon without Falcon inside in order to grab attention for a proposed reality series.

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