Note to Lily Allen: just once in a while, keep your mouth closed!

The British singer, who never misses an opportunity to lash out at her fellow celebs, has taken yet another swipe at one of her favorite targets of abuse: Posh Spice.

Last year she criticized Victoria Beckham for courting fame for the sake of fame. Now Lily is calling Posh a "monster"!

"The Beckhams are sickening," the Fear star told French soccer-magazine, SoFoot, "Everyone knows Victoria is a monster."

And if you think that’s a little over-blown, even for Lily, she even goes on to say that she would die before becoming a "WAG" — the British term for the "wives and girlfriends" of sports stars who become famous by association with their significant other.

"I’d rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG," she ranted.


Now come on Lily — what did Posh ever do to you?

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