It’s that moment we all dread — when you press send on that saucy text or e-mail, only to realize you’ve sent it to the wrong person! Now imagine if you’re a world-famous pop star like Lily Allen… and that text is a picture of you topless!!

According to Chris Moyles of Great Britain’s Radio 1, Ricky Wilson, singer for UK band the Kaiser Chiefs was the recipient of the raunchy camera-phone photo.

“Ricky goes to me: ‘I got this weird text the other day from Lily Allen of her topless. And I’m looking at it going ‘why has she sent me that?’!" A minute later, Wilson gets a follow-up text from the singer that reads, "Sorry — Wrong Ricky!’”

Moyles said he then asked Lily, who is no stranger to having her boobs out in the open air, if the story was true and according to him, she verified that it had indeed happened.

“That was really embarrassing,” she told Moyles. “I was completely topless.”

The big question now is: Who is the Ricky that she was sending the sexy snap to?

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