Lily Allen, who recently defended drug use in an interview, has gone and shocked no one again by falling off the wagon.


The Sun reports that in front of a crowd of fans at the O2 Academy in Oxford, England, the formerly troubled pop star raised a pint of wine and laughed, “I’ve not had a drink for a while but if you expect me to get on stage and be funny, then I’ll need this,” and took a nice big swig.


“Yep, I am drinking again. Last night I had my first drink," she revealed. "There’s no way I can get on stage without a drink. I think I’m funnier when I’ve had a few.


According to Lily, there’s no better time to start drinking again – with a few differences.

“I didn’t find it difficult to stop drinking. I didn’t even think about it. I haven’t really needed a drink but now I’m on tour, it’s fun drinking sometimes. But some things have changed. I’m not drinking any cheap stuff now – only expensive wine will do this time. I’ve gone upmarket.”


You stay classy, Lily.

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