Lily Allen has Katy Perry’s cell phone number – and she’s not afraid to use it!

Apparently the "Smile" singer is fed up with her label-mate Katy making snide remarks about her, and is threatening to post her personal number on Facebook if she doesn’t zip it.

The two have been trading jibes since the "I Kissed a Girl" star said that she was a "skinny version" of Lily, and then the Brit slammed Katy, saying she had ripped off of her style, doesn’t write her own songs and that she’s "crass".

THEN, Katy said that Lily should lighten up and learn to take a joke.

Anyway, now Lily’s taken the spat online and told her Facebook friends that she’s got hold of Katy’s digits and is holding them for ransom: one more dig and she’s going to post it.

“I have Katy Perry’s number, someone did me a favour," she wrote, according to Britain’s Sun newspaper online.

“I’m just waiting for her to open her mouth one more time then it hits Facebook.”

The site also reports that Lily signed up to two Facebook groups called I hate Katy Perry and her dumb-ass song I Kissed A Girl and Katy Perry? Who in the hell does she think she is?.

How long will it take for Katy to hit back? Watch this Face.

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