Linda Hogan, estranged wife of Hulk Hogan, wants her ex held in contempt.

The 48-year-old claims Hulk has failed to pay his share of their $4.2 million Las Vegas condo and has asked a Florida judge to hold him in contempt of court until he coughs up the dough.

Linda is also requesting the 54-year-old to be jailed, specifically in Pinellas County, where their 17-year-old son, Nick, is serving eight months for a car wreck that rendered his friend brain-damaged.

The couple split in November after 24 years of marriage and a court order stipulates they must make equal payments of their Palms hotel living space.

Each has moved on to new relationships; Hulk has been dating Jennifer McDaniel since January while Linda has hooked up with 19-year-old Charlie Hill, a former classmate of her children, Nick and Brooke, 20.

"I’m totally freaked out. This is really weird," Brooke said of the relationship. "I personally don’t like it at all or condone it."

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