Lindsay Lohan wants nowhere near a camera when she takes her upcoming deposition.  Lawers for the Mean Girls star filed a motion on Wednesday asking a judge to forbid any filming of Lindsay’s upcoming depo in a case filed by her rumored girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.

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Linds wants her transcripts or other accounts taken during the deposition to stay off the public record.  According to documents, the actress is afraid videotaping her will "unduly embarrass, oppress and burden her because of the private subject matter of the expected testimony and the virtual certainity that, unless access is significantly limited, the transcripts and videotape of the deposition will be illegally exploited by the media."

Wow! Sounds juicy!


Ronson sued her former lawyers in May, claiming they failed to represent her adequately when she sued bloggers, including Perez Hilton. The celeb deejay said the bloggers defamed her by writing that she had planted drugs in Lindsay’s car and was exploiting her to the paparazzi.


Her lawsuit claims that her lawyers didn’t properly fight a motion that Perez filed to dismiss the case, resulting in a judge ordering Ronson to pay the celeb blogger nearly $85,000 in legal fees.


Now fast forward to November, when a new judge will likely make a decision on Lindsay’s motion.

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Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that depo!

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