Lindsay Lohan has been going as Twitter crazy as all the other celebs these days, chronicling her family birthdays, deep thoughts and whatever comes to mind. But despite a cryptic Tweet and a dark picture she shared from nightclub The Avenue that read "So dark – where’s jb cheater?" that seemed to accuse Justin Timberlake of cheating on Jessica Biel that night, LiLo says she’s not sticking her nose in anyone else’s business.


Today she replied to Perez Hilton‘s story about her catching JT kissing another girl at the club, tweeting, "I don’t twitter about my personal life! Let alone, someone else’s life! I’ve learned my lesson some time ago. Just trying to clear the air! And I’m tired of changing my password every other day!"


The second part of her message seemed to refer to someone who’s been trying to hack into her Twitter account.


Leave Lindsay’s Twitter alone  –  the real thing is much more amusing than any fake would be!

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