Lindsay Lohan is none too happy with John McCain‘s choice for VP, openly blasting Sarah Palin on her blog and being open about her support for Barack Obama.


But after she reportedly offered to help the Democratic presidential candidate, a top aide to Barack told the Chicago Sun-Times the formerly troubled actress ”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.”


And now her ever-talkative father is speaking out about the alleged slight against his famous daughter.


"For Barack Obama to condemn my daughter for past indiscretions when he admitted to the exact same himself is indicative of what kind of president he would be," Michael Lohan told’ Pop Tarts in an e-mail.


"Lindsay is gifted — she has a wonderful heart and she can and will affect millions of people in a very positive way. She is here to stay," he continues. "Obama might have eight years, and then he will be giving lectures. Who knows, maybe Lindsay will give him a part in one of her movies."





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