With a new, happy relationship, a new movie trailer just released (Labor Pains comes out next year) and new drama with her father, it’s no wonder Lindsay Lohan seems to have picked up new hobby – blogging.


A new post this morning is the third this week, the most recent in a string of many. While Lindsay has addressed some serious issues like rumors swirling around little sister Ali, her talkative father and politics, she also apparently just wants to talk about her life.


In today’s post from 2:30 a.m., with the subject "working girl-personal blog," Lilo opens up just a little bit about her personal life, saying:


"Just got home from the set of Ugly Betty and felt it was necessary to post a song that i DO NOT like for once…

I am not trying to insult anyone who may like this song, but its my blog so i feel it’s fair to state my feelings and my beliefs as i have thus far…So- I don’t like the one person that requested this song once and they have ruined the song for me forever more…."


While Lindsay doesn’t reveal who that someone is, she does say that only that one particular song is off her list.


"Those who know me and care about me will understand why… I love the artist, but dislike this particular song for my own reasons…

Enough said- heres the hate song………

Currently listening: Ladies of the Canyon By Joni Mitchell"


But she’s not only expressing feelings on her own blog, she also posted a reply to gal pal Samantha Ronson‘s blog yesterday, saying "guess who loves you……."


We think we have an idea who that might be!



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