Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, 40, known for her 1994 hit “Stay” and famous for her signature cat-shaped glasses tells OK! she’s coming out with her own glasses line in March.

“I love glasses, I needed a new pair and people always ask me where I get my glasses,” Lisa told OK! at the Juicy Couture 5 th Ave Flagship Store Opening on Nov. 6. “So I decided to create a line to share the love of being able to see. We’ve been working on it for the last six months and it will be in boutiques around the country.”

Lisa, who is reportedly allergic to contact lenses, says the tip to looking stylish and smart is, “wearing glasses that are comfortable that don’t wear me. I’ve tried glasses that are too artsy or not enough. I like glasses that emphasize parts of my face that I like.”

The songstress also plans to release new music next year and says if her glasses line is a hit, she might consider sunglasses as well.
Now when people say, "Those totally look like Lisa Loeb glasses you’re wearing!" you could say, "These are hers!"

By Laura Lane

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