LL Cool J wakes up early this morning to meet me at Bryant Park Hotel in NYC to announce he will be blogging for Russell Simmons’ new hip-hop venture, Globalgrind.com.

“I’m excited to get my blog on, and to talk crazy and breezy,” he says. “I’ll be nice sometimes, insult a few people here and there, and get insulted. It will be a lot of fun.”

He adds, “There is no correct point of view. I think everyone has the right to say what they want and say what they feel.”

Getting to know the man who was born James Todd Smith will be a treat. The 41-year-old rap entrepreneur is father to four children with wife Simone, whom he wed in 1995.

He reveals “maintaining the romance” is critical in keeping a marriage vital.

“The romantic aspects of the marriage need to take place during the day,” he tells me. “Too many men make the mistake of wanting to get romantic at the last second. It takes all day, and it’s an ongoing thing. It’s about support.”

LL and Russell go way back, and celebrated President Obama’s inauguration last week.

“We went from not hearing our music in the daytime to having a hiphop inaugural ball for a new president,” LL says. “When you’re like ‘Russell, is our music going to play in the daytime?’ to the president thanking us personally for getting him into office – that’s a pretty wonderful thing. We don’t want to take too much credit – we don’t want to be presumptuous – but hip-hop has come a long way.”

How does he feel about the undying adoration from his female fans?

“It’s a blessing,” LL says. “Without people embracing what you’re doing and appreciating what you do, I wouldn’t be able to continue to do what I do. You know I love them 150 million percent.”

Russell serves as the editor-in-chief for the site he dubs as “the Huffington Post of hip-hop.”

Catch LL’s latest updates on globalgrind.com, and check out his romantic comedy The Deal, which is out on DVD now.

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