Between fending off nasty neighbors and continuing reports that Audrina Patridge is moving out of the house she shares with her Hills co-stars Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth, there seems to be no end to drama on the hit MTV show.

But now, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth is setting the record straight to OK!, revealing the real reason behind a moving truck that was spotted recently at their house.

"We had a couch delivered, so that’s what the moving truck was for," Lo told OK! at the ESPY Style Studio at The Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A.  "We had a photo shoot at our house, and our stylist was backing around and so our neighbors–who hate us–come out screaming at our stylist.  And then at the end of the shoot, the stylist put all of the clothes into her car and the neighbors thought someone was moving out."

Lo, who has been labled the reason behind Audrina and LC’s cooled friendship, says she gets a bad rap.  And as for those pesky neighbors, she tells OK! it’s more the paparazzi than MTV’s film crew causing mayhem in her otherwise quiet neighborhood.

"It’s hard," she confesses to OK!.  "We live in a neighborhood with a lot of children so the parents get frustrated.  There’s always cars and people.  It’s not even the filming, it’s the paparazzi on our street, because they drive fast.  It’s always a madhouse outside."

As far as filming for The Hills, Lo and the girls have been shooting season four for a few months with little vacation time in between.  So what can fans expect next season?

"I think that I will be redeemed in season four," she says adding, "Happy endings for all."


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