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Hola from Cancun! So this week I am writing to you guys from sunny Cancun, Mexico! My sister and I came for a long weekend (a very generous gift from our loving, incredibly good-looking parents) and I am loving every minute of sunshine, beaches, and partying at night!

Speaking of beaches, I’d like to get into a semi-sensitive subject: the bikini. Celebs like the Kardashians, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez really know how to rock a tiny two-piece number. But to this point, I’ve never been a bikini girl. I’ve always been a tank-ini girl, a one piece with a skirt girl, or a I’ll-skip-the-beach-and-see-you-later girl. It was often too much of a stressful situation, all caught up in my head about what everyone was thinking of me and how other girls may have looked better than I did, that I was barely able to enjoy the beach. THIS WAS NOT OKAY! So for this mini-trip, I decided to get out of my head, and onto the beach wearing (gasp!) a bikini!

After spending what seems like half my awake life at DavidBartonGym with Bill Lagaret and now Derrick Smit, I kind of feel like I deserve to be able to kick back on the beach and not really give a hoot what people may be thinking. After thousands of lunges, crunches, and hours on the treadmill, I decided that – although I am not near my goal just yet – it’s about time that I too become a bikini girl. So, here I am!


Now I’m not going to lie, part of me was still very unsure about this. As silly as it sounds, it felt like a major commitment. And once on the beach, I almost punked out and didn’t take off my cover up. But thanks to the support of my adorable little sister, Dina (and okay yeah, a cocktail or two may have helped! I was on vacation!) I took a deep breath, tossed my cover up aside, and I was strutting my stuff. I even get some compliments on my funky zebra suit!


Well, we’re heading out to take on the town for now. Me and Dina are having a blast and wish you all were here! Besos!

• Water down your fave tropical cocktail with club soda. So if you always get rum and pineapple, try rum and club soda with a splash of pineapple.
• When eating at buffets, fill your first plate with protein and veggies, that way you can taste some of the carbs on your second trip, but you’ll already be full on the good stuff.
• Go for a jog on the beach, a long walk in town, anything to stay active and burning a few extra calories here and there, but if you don’t make it to the gym don’t beat yourself up! It’s called vacation for a reason!
• Pack way more sunscreen then you’ll need. It’s not something you want to run out of and the gift shops will totally rip you off.
Don’t stress! Your mind, body, and soul can all use a break from the constant worrying and over-analyzing you do in your regular life. Let loose! Have fun! Take pics! And soak up every moment!

Tune in next week for more of my fitness tips and travails!

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