From her days as Aunt Becky on Full House to her current role as the sharp and sexy Debbie on 90210, Lori Loughlin has played the woman of the house for nearly two decades. Offscreen, she lives in L.A with her designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, and daughters, Isabella and Olivia. Lori spoke to OK! about her family’s holiday traditions.


Have you always loved to bake?


I have been baking since I was a little girl. I grew up with my dad in the kitchen
teaching me how to make cookies. Now it’s what I’m doing with my girls. On
Thanksgiving, my 10-year-old baked a batch of cookies all by herself. It really
was a great couple of hours that we got to spend together.


What are the holidays like in your house?
It’s a lot about family. Every year, I take my girls back to New York for part of the
holiday. We go into the city, see the tree, do the window-shopping, go see a show.

How did you get involved with Nestle?


I like to bake, and I guess because I’m a mom, they said, “We would love for you to
be our spokesperson during the holidays for” It’s a cool idea. You buy a “cookie plate,” which comes with a recipe book for cookies, bake your batch and send it off. The recipient then bakes a batch and sends it on to the next person. It’s almost like a chain letter.


Do you bake for the cast of 90210?


I might bake a batch of cookies and bring them on set. I think everybody enjoys getting cookies.


You’ve spoken out against those who have commented on the weight of the 90210 girls. How do you think the young stars look, and why did you feel the need to defend them?

Everybody has been writing about these girls, but nobody’s stopped to ask them, “How do you feel about this?” or “How are you?” I think they are healthy, great young women, so it’s my inclination, when the media is taking shots at them, to want to protect them. I want to say: Don’t believe everything you read. I think they’re just fine.


Do your daughters watch 90210?

No, they’re too little, I don’t let them. They can watch Full House, but not 90210. In fact, my younger daughter said that somebody in her grade told her, “I saw your mom on 90210,” and my daughter said, “I don’t think that you should be watching that show. It’s not appropriate for your age.”


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Interview by Jon Warech

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