What would you do if you met Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as you were just walking down the street? Lucky fan Holly, 13, happened to bump into Robsten outside a grocery store on the Isle of Wight (just off the coast of England), and take a few pics. She spoke to Isle of Wight Radio about her chance encounter with the superstar celebs.

“I was just going down to Somerfield’s [grocery store] with my mum,” Holly tells Isle of Wight radio, “I looked at them and I didn’t realize who they were but I heard them speak and realized who they were.”

Holly adds that despite their superstar status, the twosome were not traveling with a security entourage, just “with some friends.”

And although Holly posted the pics to her Facebook page, they soon traveled far beyond her 234 friends, appearing on Twilight fan sites around the world. Talk about instant fame!



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