Need I say more? The seven years I lived and worked in NYC I next to never ‘did lunch.’ Doing lunches simply hardly existed in the NYC work culture. Lunch was a to-go container at your desk. In LA, people do lunch, a lot. I still eat at my desk more often than not, but sometimes I’m enticed to try the doing lunch thing – when the person asking me to lunch said if I agree she’ll send a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC to pick me up – and then added I get a complimentary pair of shoes as well, I could hardly resist. Forget hardly, I couldn’t resist.

Lunch turned into a lovely day mingling with pretty, environmentally-conscious people at a beautiful home where we sipped refreshing cucumber-garnished green Veev cocktails prior to a poolside lunch with a gorgeous mountain view on a perfectly temperate day. The lunch was a eco-chic affair to celebrate the launch of PURE by Rickard Shah, a collection of environmentally-friendly shoes for both men and women designed as a collaborative venture by husband and wife team Elizabeth Rickard (who was once senior designer for Giorgio Armani and design Director of Emanuel Ungaro) and Binith Shah. Like their shoes, the charismatic duo have been called “the perfect pair.”

Sitting between Amy Smart and very cute co-host Darren Moore (who’s story I never fully got except that he’s well-traveled, does something eco-architecture and can go several hours without looking a cell phone), I had a very enjoyable afternoon indeed – and then I dashed off to the Mondrian for to interview Christina Aguilera. Check back tomorrow to see what she had to say 😉 xo

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