If you think that Paris Hilton is the model for all the exceedingly wealthy, young, blonde heiresses out there, you’d be sadly mistaken — or at least that’s what Lydia Hearst would have you believe.

When OK! caught up with the 23-year-old model/actress/designer/gal-about-town at the Step Up Women’s Network 10th Anniversary Inspiration Awards Gala in NYC on Thursday, she was more than willing to break down just how different she and her fellow celebutante truly are.

"I went to college," Lydia, who attended Sacred Heart University, tells OK!. "I’m a supermodel. I have a legitimate career in journalism, television, fashion and designing."

And then, the great-granddaughter of publishing giant William Randolph Hearst (and great-great-granddaughter of mining magnate George Hearst) appeared to take a catty swipe at Paris’ entire family lineage, saying, "I’m a Hearst, not a Hilton!"

By David Lasky

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