Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are certainly bringing Maddox up to be a real little gentleman. Even amid the excitement of a video game arcade, the 8-year-old was thoughtful enough to make a little girl’s day by winning a prize and giving it to her!

On Friday, the father and son team hit the Dave and Buster’s arcade in New York City to play some games.

One star-struck visitor, who was at the Times Square spot at the same time as the famous boys, told OK!: “My cousin’s 6-year-old daughter was watching Brad’s son play the crane game and he won a little silver watch.

“She had no idea who Maddox or Brad Pitt are.

“But Maddox saw her watching and he came over and gave her the watch.

“She was just grinning like you wouldn’t believe. He just made her so happy!”

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