Some former child stars choose to announce their move to more adult fare in a shocking way. Drew Barrymore posed nude in Playboy. Fred Savage played a babbling junkie in The Rules of Attraction. And The Nanny‘s Madeline Zima — she got naked and punched David Duchovny in the face.

Last year the 22-year-old actress sure made a huge splash with that brutally hilarious scene in the premiere episode of the Showtime hit Californication, and she tells OK! she can understand why it might be jarring for her long-time fans, who have seen her on TV and in films since the age of 8.

"I have the naked scene, it’s like ‘Oh it’s the little girl from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or The Nanny and she’s f**king and punching on that show," Madeline explains rather bluntly at the Third Annual Hot in Hollywood party. "It’s a little weird for them, I guess. But everyone grows up."

And as for what fans can expect when the raunchy show returns for a second season in September, Madeline says, "More of the same… Midway through, there’s some really funny stuff that happens, which is outrageous even for Californication."

While she won’t divulge details Madeline did reveal that one episode in particular had the cast really excited. "When everyone on set read this one script, they were like ‘Holy hell this is so funny!’"

By Jon Warech

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