While filming Guy Ritchie‘s new crime caper comedy RockandRolla, Gerard Butler came down with a hefty case of the flu.   Not to be deemed a flake, Butler continued to work, showing up to set to shoot scenes with co-star Thandie Newton.

"I was so sick that she said, ‘I know we have a love scene today, but you’re not putting that tongue in my mouth,’" he tells Parade.com.  In the end, it was an unlikely aid who helped him recover his health.  Mrs. Guy Ritchie, a.k.a. Madonna, was happy to play nurse to the sick patient!

"Madonna came to the set and she had all these little vitamin pills," Butler recalls.  "I forget the name of them, but all of these different things that help you get well quick.  Then she pulled out a hypodermic and said, ‘I’m going to give you a B-12 shot in your butt.’  I mean, Guy was standing right there watching and I was laughing like a little kid.  She said, ‘Ok, you’ve got to take this seriously.’  I’m like, ‘I’m trying to, but you’re Madonna and you’re giving me a B-12 shot in my butt.’"

Luckily Gerard did get better because he had one of the most challenging running scenes in movie history.

"We were running around like crazy people," he says.  "I was jumping over fences, running down alleys.  I tripped a couple times and got a few bruises."

As for how it compared to his fight scenes in 300, Butler says, "Well it’s a lot harder to fight in a leather jock strap, but it wasn’t easy to kill a Spartan.  They had no conscience when it came to fighting–which I loved."

Now that Halloween is coming up, does the P.S. I Love You star have any plans for a costume?

"I’ll turn up with maybe a pair of sunglasses and say I’m Elvis or something," he says.  "I was playing Dracula, and we were filming in Toronto.  I actually kept my outfit and my fake fangs.  So I was walking down the street and, finally, somebody said, ‘Cool, you’re a vampire.’  I was like, ‘Yeah I am actually."

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